New photos and latest news about escorts in Felina Barcelona

New photos of escorts in Barcelona

Since the last time we talked about the latest news about escorts in Barcelona, our website has undergone several changes. Are you abreast of all of them? Do you want to know what changes they are? If so, you cannot miss our today’s post.

Escorts in Barcelona: New pics

Over the last few weeks, several escorts who were already collaborating with us have updated their photo album. When the escorts in Barcelona change their image or haven’t updated their pics for a few months, it is quite usual for them to decide to have a new session and always put their most recent look on show. The Felina Barcelona whores who posted their new photos are: Elena, Kenia, Rosario, Ariel, Amanda, Mónica, Ivanna and Angie.

On the other hand, some new prostitutes have also come to Felina who have wished to post their photos on our website to announce their arrival and give the users of our website an idea of their charms. Some of them are: Pamela, Camila, Bea and Perla.

What are you waiting for to have a look at the photos of these escorts at Felina Barcelona?

More latest news at Felina Barcelona

But not all changes are related to the prostitutes’ new photos in Barcelona. At Felina Barcelona, we strive every day to improve the user experience both on our website and at our brothel.

Since the service filters were put into place, the customers had requested the option to filter several services at the same time. Until last week, this was not possible. From now on and with the regrouping of all the filters, you will be able to perform the most exact search and find sluts in Barcelona providing the services you wish for.

We had also added the “Novelties” filter wherein all those escorts can be seen who have just joined our whorehouse, whose photo album has been posted for the first time and who have come back from vacations.

What are your thoughts about this latest news? Do you find the new filters useful? Do you like the new pics of the hookers in Barcelona? We are looking forward to hearing your opinion.

If you have started wishing to get laid with a slut after going through this novelties’ section, do not hesitate. Get in touch with us by giving us a call on +34 630 333 111 or through our contact form. Many escorts looking forward to pleasing you are waiting for you at Felina Barcelona.